Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The Never Ending Story

"There were a lot of broke people who hadn't yet discovered that unemployment can be a kind of creative liberation."

From Justin's Links

Dammit! I want to be creatively liberated.

I know this has been a topic many many times on my old blogs, but maybe if I beat this dead horse enough..something will change?

How many people out there hate their jobs?

I sure do.

It feels like a catch 22: I hate my job, I have many things I could do that would make me money...but still I stay...insanity.

Maybe it's the bills I have, though I usually forget to pay them now...hmmm

I've been trying to get my other projects started, while at the same time working here:

Circus Land

let me tell you, it's not easy. I am usually tired as fuck when I get home, and need to relax for a long time before I can then it's almost time to go back to work!

I need drastic measures.

Sometimes it feels as if my life is passing me by.


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