Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I listened to Marvin Gaye at Loews tonight.

Over forty hours of pop radio will make you go insane. Britney, Nelly, The R, repeat. My god. Doesn't any of the listeners realize the same 15 songs are played on repeat? The station may have those 15 cd's on repeat and shuffle with some AI djs talking.

The new job is ok. It's good to have a steady steam of income coming in. Assembling computers is not the most interesting or rewarding way to spend eight hours a day, but it's a start (again). The best thing about this 9-5 deal is that it's making me focus and be onpoint. The limitations force me to get down to business like never before.

Boredom is very inspirational. Putting to gether touch screen cash register monitors all day trances out my brain, puts my physical motions on auto pilot. This leaves a direct channel for that divine inspiration to come through. I found out it's really fun to paint with paint markers on plastic. Like painting in space, totally smooth-flowing, no friction.


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