Monday, April 12, 2004

"Whoa Keith did a record with Kooly Bamba." "Kooly Bamba is the biggest producer for the Pakistan border."

I have a job. I take the train. The windows are dirty on alot of the New Jersey Transit cars. Being in transit is fun. Sometimes it feels like I've died and I am on the world's longest trip to heaven. The people are confused like the newly dead. Coffee does not really work anymore, which is kind of interesting. I had a nightmare that made me become straight edge, almost 100%. It was very very intense. I was sleeping on the train home tonight between two people and had a visit from my guardian angel. She was cool. Nothing important to say, just checking in. Kool Keith is so right about New York City and New York Girls.

"Darrick: What do you think about women in NY compared to LA?

Kool Keith: I think La is more sporty. It's laid back, but it has a spontaneity about it too. Girls in LA are more spontaneous. They are more into their sensuousness. They are very comfortable with themselves. They got flat stomachs, they have a beautiful body, and they don't feel unconfident. They feel very secure. They can take bathing suit pictures. They are very free, ya know. And they are very sporadic with ideas. They are very youthful. They are not as conformed and trendy as NY. NY girls are going out for an interview or something. They are looking for a husband. They are going through going through bad relations with their man and domestic violence. Then their minds start thinking bad. Like, every man is going to hurt them. They become like an old lady with a London Fog coat. They go to the movies on Friday and eat at Applebees, then go home like and old lady. They are very old. The funniest thing is, the guys that do the videos and stuff. If you watch BET and MTV, you be looking at the girls like wow New York 's got the girls with the lollipops and the Kangols tilted to the side, with the dope shorts on. That's not the case. Those guys rent those girls from Toronto . New York is girls that are very old ladyish and old fashion. You can take a simple girl out to a restaurant and your whole evening is talking about your relationship and do you want to get married and how long was your last relationship. Its like a damn interview, just to have a simple evening of Buffalo Wings. It takes the sportyness out of the relationship. New York is like British and LA is more west and sporty. Like, Miami is tropical.

Darrick: Believe it or not, New York was founded by the Dutch.

Kool Keith: Yeah. So, that's why New York has that British pace, like London . The girls like to go to dinner. They want to go out for a cup of tea. It's more like an old woman pace. It could be like dating Princess Diana. You have to do something very slow and corny. There is nothing freaky about it. They like to have sex in the dark. They don't want to show their stretch marks. They got a different pattern of life. Some of them feel overweight and the obesity is high. They listen to a lot of records that are slow and make them feel bad. He hurt me, my heart is broken (singing). So they are crying all the time. The weather is always dark and it makes them feel dark with like a tense feeling. The records bring on bad past of their old man that beat them up, hit ‘em. LA has a little more style probably. If you're fly, they like you. They like fly stuff. New York is more insecure. I've been downtown in front of places, like you could be stand in front of Red Lobster, and you see a nice looking lady. I wonder, who's gonna pick this girl up. She's their waiting for a long time, and the guy show up. The guy looks like some homeless guy, like a guy that just walked out of the port authority bus terminal from sleeping for two weeks. And they actually walk off with the guy. I think they have more of a feeling like they are insecure of a person that dresses well and nice. They are insecure because they don't want a person that's fly. They don't want a businessman on Wall Street, with a nice tie on and cologne. That's another thing too; New York girls don't like cologne. Maybe she likes guys that smell like shit. It gives them more of a reason to feel like they don't have to be clean anymore, because I have a guy that's dirty like me and he like me, he loves me and he wants to be my husband.

Darrick: That's crazy.

Kool Keith: No its not. It's real. "


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