Friday, September 03, 2004

The keyboard on my clie is broken,

Dude, it's been way to long since we last talked. I've been riding a wirlwind of IRL activity that's kept me from my home sweet home on the interweb. But now I'm back from outerspace, on vacation from work and New York City and the RNC and the protesters imprisoned in Guantanemo on the Hudson and my new girlfriend who may be mad at me. But I digress.

I've forgotten what free time feels like. The past months have been a marathon of work and commuting, non-stop and all the time. Weekends were used for drinking away the stress of the week and convalecing with my hangover for a thousand years.

But I have a plan.

Last night I dreamt I was at some strange college party. Ian Russell aka DJ Vern, one of my past time best friends was there. It felt like a wedding, and he was djing, but POOF, gone. After that I was kicking it to these two beautiful suicide-girlesque women and that felt great and I was hanging out with DJ Derrick Carter and he had a baby, and kept loosing his records. Others were loosing various things. H mmmmmm.

I have a plan to make a hyperspace jump. Only it will take at least six months to build my space ship. At least. I think I lost the map around here somewhere.......


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