Thursday, January 06, 2005

Just Right

Just write. I'm trying to live my life as more of a flow. Smooth sailing as opposed to the puntuated equilibrium of manic swings. Lets slooow down the amplitude and up the wattage. Or something like that.

Tesla would know an answer. Power and free energy for everybody. Name a star after yourself. Mastering the art of the non-sequitor.

Mark of the beast man, mark of the beast. They are installing a hand-scanner time clock at work which ties in directly to Paychex's database. This contraption scans your hand, then you enter a PIN, and it logs your hours. My God. Can't we just get retna scans or RFID tags injected into our left hands. PLease? Please? The fuck...?

More of the puzzle pieces are coming into focus.


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