Monday, January 15, 2007

To Do This Week: Seek Enlightenment

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): It's a week to seek enlightenment, Gemini… though there are as many different routes to as many different answers in this vastest of fields as there are thoughts that cross through all the minds of all the world's beings combined. That, incidentally, offers a lot of possibilities. Don't confine your search to answers, as these may do you little good, especially if you're not even sure what the right questions are. This quest is more about ideas you've barely been exposed to, or haven't yet heard at all. And the only tool you'll need to bring along is a mind open enough to admit 'I'm not sure'. Scan the events listings in your local paper, and select one offbeat lecture or exhibition that'll expose you to something you're not likely to encounter unless you go looking for it. Pop into a bookstore or library, grab an inspirational title, and read a few pages right there on the spot. After plugging in for some fresh input, use it as fodder for your own extemporaneous wonderings—in journal entries, blog posts, in-depth emails to thoughtful friends, or coffeehouse chats with opinionated strangers. Get the free-flow of big-picture concepts into livelier circulation. I'm hoping this week's horoscope touches your intellectual curiosity and gets you excited to ask, acknowledge, ponder and propose… particularly considering there's nothing else to do with this exercise other than to take it all in. Ideally, you'll bracket your whole week inside this frame of inquisitive inquiry—and cement its significance with a daily list of what you learned, or reflected upon, during each 24 hours.

Via Astro Barry


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