Saturday, June 30, 2007

High Definition Hallucinations

Delirium Tremens. Mmmm. Damn. Such good beer. The pink elephant on the label really is quite appropriate. That Belgian nectar of the gods really knocks me on my ass every time. After drinking two glasses of the stuff last night I was feeling a heavy buzz that usually doesn't come on until I've had six regular beers. I guess it has something to do with it's extra high alcohol content. I believe the highest of any beer. Ever. Maybe I should stay away.

Had fun last night in China Town and the LES with Karen and her friend Megan, or "snowflake" as her neighbors call her in Harlem. I've never gotten snowflake, but "crazy white boy" has been affectionately bestowed upon me countless times. I stumbled upon two electro neon Buddhist temples that popped out of nowhere like some hd hallucination. These places were out of this world. Illuminated golden budda statues, neon rainbows, hundred armed, towering, kali looking things. I never knew Buddhism was so opulent?

I want eloquence and the gift of gab. I've kissed the balarny stone, but I don't think it took. I need another dose. writing and speaking to me is janky and kind of awkward. I feel like a child that was raised in the wilds of images and visual communication. A visceral poetic, emotional landscape devoid of the linear logical techniques of straight forward verbal and written communication. I'm being re-introduced into society one word at a time.


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