Tuesday, July 01, 2008

and always edit last

when it's hardest to write, that's when it's most important.

God damn right.

Just came back from a most epic weekend. Lisa's family was so great. Hospitality was flowing everywhere. I probably have not eaten that much food in months, if not years. Pot roast with potatoes and carrots, barbecue chicken with a creamy rice dish, shrimp wrapped with steak wrapped with bacon! Grilled steak, asparagus, Creole tomatoes, biscuits, ribs, white bread with barbecue sauce, so much beer, candy bars, chips, soda, coffee (decaf wtf-only bad part), 6 kinds of ice cream, hamburgers, honey glazed spiral cut ham, rolls, croissants, potato salad, macaroni salad, unending cornucopia.

Everything was taken care of. Craziness was just part of the game, not anything to get upset over. The level of flow was sky high.

Made me want to get all my family and friends together and do the same. So much love and chill vibes.

Board games? Yeah - everyone was into it, and although there was a little group scheduled activity vibe - people did their own things.

Walking down the beach highway in flip flops, bikers pass me "sorry" gravel mud, puddle - splashed by a passing truck.

Buying smokes so cheap - different world entirely than the north - tom thumb gas station. What the fuck is that?

Piggly wiggly was the first evar supermarket. Jimmy arguing with Katlin.

Don't act uppity with the boss of dreamland.

Um, LSU, memphis, alabama, flo rida, coach and tans. Wearing the same clothes for three days, maybe it's time to change. Feet bare feels good and hurts so good walking all over different textures.

need to shut off my phone when writing. even though I'm apt not to answer it, it

still is s temptation.

fuck this brb

what the hell was i talking about.

As I was walking today I realized that I have all these epiphanies, bursts of creative genius walking around doing shit. I take notes, think about it and feel warm and ecstatic. The whole universe, god, joy pours out. Love drips from street signs and buildings have so much meaning.

Then they sit in little collections. Notes books, text files, todo lists, scraps of here and there. I need to bridge that gap from that inspiration holistic world in a grain of sand thinking to a - some sort of finished product. rarely do i visualize that finished product although the inspiration always holds it within.

note/inspiration - - - - - finished work

poet as sketch? outline inspiration - finished product, flesh out like a drawing.


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