Monday, March 01, 2010

Zora List

Here’s some suggestions for making your own Zora List:

1. First, write down everything you’ve ever wanted to do/see/learn/accomplish. Doesn’t matter how crazy, outlandish, basic - who cares? If you want it, write it down. The longer it is, the better. Dream big
2. Break down your list into subcategories that will make tracking your progress easier later on. For example, places to go, things to learn, financial goals, educational goals, etc.
3. See anything that can be accomplished in the short term? Make a list of things to accomplish in the next quarter.
4. For the long term stuff, are there any short-term steps that will get you closer? For example, if you want to travel, but you don’t have a passport, put getting your passport app completed on the short term list. Or if you want to visit someplace specific, add things like “check for hotels” or “save x number of $ per paycheck” to the short term list.
5. Print it on one page. If you have to print it on big paper to get it all in one place, so be it, but make sure it’s all visible at a glance. Then put it somewhere you’ll look at it at least once every few days. The more you see it, the more you’ll act on it.
6. Aim to complete one short term item every week. When you complete an item, highlight it instead of crossing it out - that way, you’ll see your accomplishments instead of big black Sharpie marks, which will just encourage you to keep moving forward.
7. Every quarter, check your progress and update the short term list.
8. If things get crowded, move your accomplishments to a different piece of paper and post it in your workspace/office/lair.

Life can’t be mediocre if you’re getting the things you really want to do done!

One bite at a time, you’ll eat the entire elephant. My life in the last five years is *dramatically* better than the five years prior to that, and it’s all because I took small steps to accomplish the things I really wanted to do.



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