Wednesday, September 10, 2003

A New Focus

My blog has been sporadic at best, informative...maybe.....but I'm not happy about it's tone..... Most people sugest to have a focused blog...therefore...It's time to STAY FOCUSED! as Funkmaster Flex says.

The new theme of my blog is the process I'm now going through of "overhauling" my life. If you have read any of my blogs over the past4+ years, a HUGE re-occuring theme has been my exasperating dis-satisfaction with my job at Imageland.

So I'm really quitting.

..No, really!

This week I will put in my 2 weeks notice. Step 1.
Steps 2 through 5,000 are nebulus but gaining form in my mind. I'll post them here as a "check" on myself, making my meta-intentions publicly known (less chance of backing out if everyone knows). Stay tuned, stay focused, and cypher, don't get gassed!


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