Friday, April 30, 2004

Casual Friday

lets get this party started right. Its friday.. I am now playing the morning radio, thank god it's friday theme song. It's composed of clips from both television and movies. In addition, "born to be wild will be played". I'm also yelling WOOOOOO as loud as I can.

But seriously, it's pretty rockin that it's the weekend once again and I have nothing to do but relax. Last weekend was all weddings and new beginnings and staying on scedule. This is just a regular tgif.

At a month in, my new job has plateued a little bit. I've gotten really comfortable with it. All the ways they work have gotten imprinted in to my mind. I've also been super tired and almost overslept this past week. It's cool though. The whole experience is molding me into responsibility. And the money doesn't hurt either.

I sometimes of miss the unstructured freedom I had when I was unemployed. I miss the friends I used to see everyday. I even miss the craziness and depression I was going through (well, not that much).


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