Sunday, May 23, 2004

What's Happening NOW!

Lazy lazy Sunday. Last day of the weekend. I'm doing laundry, reading email, reading blogs, cleaning up my computer, drinking a pot of coffee, looking at the beutiful day outside, procrastinating on some stuff, feeling jittery, aspergers kickin in, add kicking in.

The train from NYC to Washington DC costs $200.00. That's crazy.

Cans of Amstel were $5.00 at Torches last night. That's nuts.

I've decided I need to dream bigger or kind of settle for where I am. Pretty easy choice.

My friend Nicole and I were discussing how when you have no money, you can make that little bit LAST but when you have money it gets spent so so easily.

That's me now. I want more money. I don't feel guilty about it, you need some serious cash to get by nowadays. The poor are fucked. I know because I was.

Can you feel it?


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