Saturday, July 03, 2004

Randomly generated diary.

I am so bored :0 I am so sorry that i have covered the earth in tears. Oh marisol i am so sorry meryl sobbed ;> She should have been toting some fresh empty garbage bags into the shop with her when she went in i would have been like oh i think im getting the idea here! Although it was monday for her and she should have been at school :( I am very lonely. So i am very very tempted to just go in there and act like a complete fucking lunatic just to see what happens ;> So i stick my hand in there and owwwwwww i totally got burnt by the water which was way over a 100 degrees. There are now three alarms going off one of which is in my hand. There are about a billion other places for a girl and her birds to be. There are about 6 different ceremonies across the us but i would have to spend a fortune to get to one of them. There was once a time when a different story may have been told.

But there comes a time when you need to make it on your own. Something small but there just to prove things wont be like this forever... Everyone thought i should play french horn so i did...

Time for bed,
-- Catty


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