Wednesday, June 16, 2004

"What is time, when we have all eternity to enjoy this paradise?"

So, I said no. Like, as in in "just say no". Amazing isn't it? Most who know me may be surprised. I was. It makes me happy to know that such will-power exists within me.

Not that I'm saying no for good.

Just a small step for Dan.

If anyone out there has tried 2C-I (some say it is orgasmic) and wants to recommend it, let me know. I will probably try it this weekend, regardless, in the name of science...of course.

"You look like the responsible one".

WHo me?

At my friend's wedding a few weeks ago, I was mistaken for the "resposible" friend out of our group. The time came for designating drivers and was the prime candidate. I found this funny considering my reputation but this statement is quickly becoming a reality.

A somewhat seismic shift is occuring in my consciousness. Due to a radical re-focusing of my life, things are falling into place with the presision of dominos. I have NEVER thought I could feel the way I do now. It's that big.

"You should quit that bullshit job and come hang out more!"

Hey dog, thanks for the advice but larger forces are at work than just getting fucked up (as much as I would enjoy it!).

WHo is the master that makes the grass green?


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