Wednesday, September 08, 2004

"Relax and Refocus"

God I am hungry.

I got some weird spam/ad/freind request on myspace tonight. This cute 19 year old girl from California was pimping some t-shirt company. Genius or nightmare? Scary to consider that these social interactions can be bought and sold to make some money. It's like people who are hired to go hang out and subtlely promote products at trendy bars.

I woke up on the bathroom floor Monday morning. Never a good sign. That hangover took all day to shake. Motherfucker. I heard and fuzzily remember acting the fool and such. The embarassment will haunt me for a while.

Thank god for the internet. I self-diagnosed a minor case of tonsilitis and got some home-remidies to cure it. When I saw my throat Sunday morning I freaked the fuck out, but the handy online medical encyclopedia calmed my nerves. Also, Lou knows wher to buy the cheap antibiotics online, so screw going to the doctor. FUTURE FUTURE!!!!

I need to go catch up on my sleep.


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