Saturday, November 13, 2004

We eat so many shrimp

SergDun said...

Just the internet? Do you think this is a fucking GAME?!?! This is real fucking blogging, motherfuckers died for this shit. You think I'm going to go soft cause the Shrimp is too real for you. I HAVE to do this for all my fallen soliders. My Prodigy and Compserve motherfuckers. All them old school newsgroup motherfuckers. Them mailing list users. Motherfuckers that put it down in this game. The motherfuckers on netscape communicator 2.0. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here shining and grindin like I am today. I refuse to let them fade away so a bunch of soft bitchs can run around like they on some shit. Motherfucker you don't even have a fucking clue just how real the ISP's are. I live and die for my IP address.

66.128.666.22 FOR LIFE!


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