Monday, January 10, 2005

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted"

Sandwiches as far as the eye can see. Living inbetween the converted spaces of my mind and the lost caverns of the infinite market place that somehow got lost along the way. Not knowing where we are going is as dangerous as the pile of sand on your desk.

It's a small town in the midst of winter 1974 and the people are getting restless. Wind and the cold are conspireing aginst your soul. But don't take all of this seriously, cause it's not true. Nothing in this book is true.


Perhaps you believe it, or not and something might just spark enough braincells to give forth some new life. A sigle celled meme which may or may not exist at 700 times in 1,000,000 places at once.

The wind blows through my attic door, and damn it feels cold in this room. I hope It does not give me a cold.

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Why do I forget all the time how in love it can be and where does the thoughts you were supposed to be thinking go when it's time to remember to forget to remember. All over again.

Grain fed in Iowa but smoothed out in the Yakazuna.

I want a girl with extentions in her hair, bamboo earings, at least two pair.


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