Thursday, January 20, 2005

Things are going pretty ok right now. If you woke up alive, keep smiling as they say. The cold weather and snow are refreshing if taken in moderation, I'm keeping my jobs on point at work and my friends are blogging now. Fucking rad.

On the other hand, two of my co-workers are next to useless. They both act as if they're salespeople when selling is not even in the job description. They seem to be living a fantasy of phone calls and out of office client meetings while the "real" work piles up. It doesn't effect me in any major way- I have other fish to fry, but the scraps of sloppy work fall on the floor for me to clean up.

I'm probably going to pass on getting health insurance from work again this year. At $145.00 a month, it's almost affordable but not quite. In general I'm pretty healthy and that money could be used in many many other productive ways. However, it scares me more than a little to not have that damn safety net. Nothing was more nerve racking than when I got strep/tonsillitis and all that junk last fall. This should be an opportune time to discus my raise that's waiting in the wings-perhaps with that I can make it work.

This too, no more bad hangovers in 2005 and I have to remember what my goals are and not trip out on ADD, inertia and laziness. That and join the Freemasons.


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