Monday, February 12, 2007

Brief Slice Of My Thinking

Ludic revolutions.

Bearduary, and growing my beard.

Reading, Books, Bookstores, The Strand, Housing Works Cafe, Ignorance, Understanding, Smiling more, Vitamins, Rodiola, Marketing myself in crazy ways insted of writing a resume, Sandwiches from Wichcraft, Parsley Oil, My struggle to translate abstract poetic thoughts into concrete words on the page, Travel, Feng Shui, Green Design, Architecture, Information Anxiety, Communication, Information, Inspiration, Chill Out Music, The Patriot Saloon, That Ill Dolly Parton track I listened to the other night, Keeping everything so fresh and so clean, Hardcore 1000 miles from anywhere nature, my future library, Belize, The tropics, Sufi love poetry, Re-triggering poetic diversity, Zen, My upcoming tattoos, Anything that releases Oxytocin into my body, Not talking on a cell phone, New Scientist and Seed magazines


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