Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where was I?

“Just think – we’re rapidly approaching a world composed entirely of jail and shopping …

I hear you.

My kitchen is really small and awkward shaped, I need to read this book.


Keep yourself busy for, like a long ass time with these excercises from Seth / Jane Roberts

This is just like my life, but in China.

Isn’t that right, Jesus As An Assertive Businessman, Shaking Hands With A Couple of Indians?

When you are a man of leisure such as myself, you really need to make every dollar count.

Note to self, read this article.

The home of an Artist: M. Fernand Khnopff's Villa at Brussels
By Hélène Laillet.

To speak of the "Villa Fernand Khnopff" is to speak of one of the artist's greatest works; it is the expression of his own personality which he has built for his own satisfaction; it is his immutable "Self" which he has raised in defiance of a troubled and changing world.

In the Avenue des Courses, on the outskirts of the Bois de la Cambre, in a magnificent rose-garden is situated this strange dwelling-place which mystifies many a passer-by— "A chapel probably," say some; "A vault built by some eccentric person," guess others. Then they pass, but those who know what famous "eccentric " hides himself behind these walls stop and consider the perfectly proportioned house. They have no difficulty in guessing by what artist it was designed, for in its pure clear lines the cold yet noble aestheticism of Fernand Khnopff is easily recognised. There are no complicated ornaments, only black lines and golden circles; here and there a monogram in black on a golden background, very simply and delicately drawn, stands out against the pure whiteness of the panels. The front of the house has an air of reserve, almost of disdain. Above a black door, bare of any ornamentation, are the words, "Past—Future," and on the top of the gable is a statue of Aphrodite. One tries in vain to classify this house according to any definite style of architecture ; he who occupies it has set his own seal upon it, and in its singularity lies its style.

Glad you're back, always an inspiration.

Because dandies are an enigma wrapped in a labyrinth, and because dandyism makes its own rules, the final quality is the ability to negate all the others.

sounds strangely like me. Except I don't dress in a stereotypical dandy fashion. Oh, and I would totally keep a jeweled tortoise as a pet.

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Check this out, better than blogspot?

Best website name ever.


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