Saturday, February 23, 2008

So True It's Funny

Astro Barry is on fire as usual. I'm sitting here lmaoing my ass off with his spot on analysis.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): If you continue to insist on expecting disappointment from a particular individual, you're merely fueling a bad emotional habit of self-fulfilling prophecy. Ouch. I know there's pain in there somewhere. Why else would you need to protect yourself from somebody you love, holding one hand near enough to the door handle so that, at any moment the psychological 'pressure to perform' (which really means 'pressure to be fully present') gets too unbearable, you can get out in the quickest manner possible? Look, Gemini, you might not be altogether aware of how old wounds from the past still affect your ability to enjoy the best your relationship(s) can offer. Yet, the residue leaks out in a better-safe-than-sorry skepticism you have a hard time releasing, dare another heartbreak sneak up on you, unannounced, and fuck with your life again. The news bulletin you've been waiting to receive is now coming in over the wires: The man or woman currently before you is not the same one who initially delivered the hurt. They are separate entities, and it's terribly unfair to hold the present person accountable for what the past person did. More than that, you have a wonderful chance to move beyond the lurking hurt this week—by being willing to admit to that special someone, yes, history still affects you. It'll help both of you see each other with freshly compassionate eyes.


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