Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fuck Everything, We're Doing Five Blades

photo by Lauralemur)

Let me gaze into my crystal ball and see what I see... I woke up today at four am, wide awake and reeling from this great dream. It had this clean, fresh, new energy that was so brilliant and different. Hate to sound wack, but I woke up feeling like a new man today. Some sort of energies are shifting in the universe. In my favor. I like the idea of pronoia.

Things are starting to get really set. The leisure plan has been great but I'm itching to work and to fuck. I can see it when it starts to happen now. Spacing out in a bad way. Thinking for the sake of ...thinking of nothing. What was that shit called, soma? Like that. Just like tv or the internet or whatever. Clean relaxed focus is always the name of the game.

Talking with my father about getting by without a cell phone. It's possible when everyone else has one, you know. Get phone calls sent to whomever your with. "Hey, can I use your phone real quick?" "You've gotten by without a car pretty well, so why not?" Some wifi, vonage/skype hybrid kind of thing. My phone bill is far too high. Could I get by without paying rent? Permanant nomad? Someone would want some money somewhere. Rent is pretty cheap thou, in BKHQ right now. I have the bulk of my library and some other stuff at DS house, John's is always a second home, along with I suppose in theory Greg and Beth's in California. I would like to have a more robust HQ with my whole library and a bit more space than current BKHQ offers, but maybe distibuted living is the way to go? Resources everywhere!

Cleaning up around the house, catching glimpses of pasts and futures and how alike and different everyone is. Boompty HQ. Love it.


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