Sunday, March 02, 2008

Oh snap, ketchup is gonna be the hot new shit.

WTF? I'm so sick of people requesting songs when I dj. It's really getting out of hand. Every five minutes I see someone staring at me, and I just try to ignore them.

Several people requested motherfucking Miley Cyrus last night. What;s the world coming to? Did some ten year old girls sneak into the Royal Oak?

I really don't know anymore.

Anyway, it was great fun overall. I got to play some not-hip-hop, house/electro kind of joints. Modern djing is kind of weird, adhd out of control business. It's become so lowest common denominator. Everyone wants to hear the same crap, stuff they know. It's so pavlovian response. Any kind of newness, unless it's a new pop song (that's not really "new" because it's already been pummled into your brain by the media) is frowned upon.

I really need to go out and see what other djs are doing. I want to understand where everyone is at. Although I play mainly for the crowd, I'd rather get back to keeping it more real, playing dope, quality music. Crazy weird ecclectic shit. I want to really up the ante skill wise too.

This is going to be a big week for blogging, I can feel it.



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