Tuesday, July 01, 2008

i have the beer now, maybe some classical music

need to revisit those writing books, or not. Get some structure to this rambling. This is all loose stream of consciousness writing meant to let it out and limber up my skillz. I can feel it affecting my future pro blog writing already which is a good thing. I'm far too constrained when I do that. did you know watermelon is natures viagra? Lots of citrulline (sp/)? precursor to the awesome arginine. Perhaps that explains my raging sex drive this weekend? Ate half a watermelon on friday and cock on full blast since then. Sorry if oversharing but fuck you if you can't take hoenesty. (is that diorected at me?)

The floodgates are ripped open. Need to constructivly direct this energy into some sort of mold.


emulating bukowski for writing practice - need to be not as destructive - use the vices as a catapult into a new reality, a new mythic life.


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