Thursday, July 03, 2008

wait, what the hell?

writing practice bitch. Getting to 500 posts. Getting to somewhere that means something. Writing movement really really . Our the window, baby deer, mother. Get freaked out they run back and forth across the yard.

Lol. A cycle has come back around, 4rth of July is bound to the weekend for three years now. MY lower back hurts, I dont want to blog today but it should actulally be pretty easy. Should I buy that cheap nice pc or wait for the mac. Hm. What to do today, weant nature, want freedom want idyllic wandering. Flaneur of the noosphere and irl. the 1337 poet. wtf. I need to promote thweet. Make the myth. Hypemen. Age of hype. Skype, It guy, office space. That office comic is really funny. I need to learn how to touch type. I need to write a wait wut. Keep going.

I've taken to listening to classical music. Fuck its 718 am already. I'm in Cornwall. Is it weird that I like coming back here?

Way way better than before. Even better tha i could possibly imagine. This wise and that wise. I know what your saying.

I'm part of a grammar that's bigge rthan rules.


Blogger bestonline323 said...

if i post tomorrow im reaching 500 posts! Anyway, i like when 4th of july is bound to the weekend its more fun that way.

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