Thursday, March 11, 2010

good advice

(I found this to be very important. Group, what do you think? John La Tourrette, PhD)

Don't demand perfection of yourself.

An A is usually awarded to the person who scores 90 percent or better, and sometimes the score doesn't need to be that high.

Professional basketball players only make half their shots.

Professional quarterback complete only half their passes, and professional baseball players reach first base less than 40 percent of the time, and that includes walks.

And we all know what our averages are in picking stocks to invest in that are always going up.

That would be never!

Give your best effort every day and keep ratcheting forward.

Perfection is not only totally unrealistic to expect and virtually impossible to achieve, but it greatly deters your ability to move forward.

The person who is constantly looking over his or her shoulder at what might have been done better can't possibly be focused on the future.

Drive with your eyes ahead; don't drive by concentrating on the rearview mirror.

Denis Waitley


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