Monday, May 24, 2004

Life Redesign 2.0

SO I went for a redesign of the site, to tighten it up and to go with the whole new blogger thing. i'm not really diggin the green- have to see what a nice color scheme will be. The sweet css template is by Mr. Zeldman. Thanks yo.

My world is settling into a routine, boring as it may be. Wake up, take the train, work my ass off, take the train home, try to get things done and have a social life, then fall asleep and repeat. It's been just what I've needed in alot of ways, routine, responsibility, money, money and, um, money. The responsibility has spilled over into most other areas of my life, like paying bills on time and not getting mega-blasted all the time.

But I feel bored and boring. Tired and running all week. Weekend warrior, weekday sucker.



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