Sunday, September 12, 2004

Big Pile Of Notebooks

Lazy lazy Sunday up here in Cornwall New York. I've been layin low like woah, doing laundry cleaning the house and playing on the internet. I just completed my first official research project, scraping the archives of a mailing list I'm on for all the book reccomendations. Took about two hours total, pretty easy.

My tonsilitis has not gone away completely, which pisses me off to no end. Hopefully I can eliminate it soon, I don't want to go through the hassle of getting antibiotics. Other than the tonsilitis and some associated neck tension, I feel ok. I am going to start getting some more exercise to tone up and pump up my energy levels. Too often my crazy schedule and lifestyle drains me to 0%. I want a surplus of juice.

Carissa came upstate to visit this weekend. We had fun just relaxing and wandering around the Hudson Valley. I think I freaked my father out when we just showed uop at the end of his art opening, like "Dan has some girlfriend? WTF?". Funny.

The elements of my life are starting to drift apart like pangea splitting into all the continents thousands of years ago. People in LA, DC, NYC, Denver. Places where my mind resides like Portland, internet homes all over the planet. My financial debts in a holding pattern around my head. Ideas tacked up on the wall, all over the place like an art school crit. Links alyout and bookmarks in a big pile. The whip rattling down the road just barely. Think I'll take a vicidan.

Read through a big pile of my old notebooks this afternoon. The experience was really eye opening. Some ideas I've forgotten about, some I'm still working on. Parts of me seem way more developed, others seem like I knew more in the past.

I'm listining to DJ Harvey right now. Fucking genius.

This site has been getting accesed by some weird-ass searches, such as in the image at the top of this post. Also: "paris hilton, storm king", "hallucinogenic learning" and "you drunk fuck"

Hey, what's up?


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