Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Rambling with bad grammer. I KEEP DREAMING OF SECRET ROOMS!

When I was a little kid, I kept having these strange thoughts - that I didn't belong with my family. It was as if my life was a dream and I really was from some where else. That's pretty strange. There is the case to be made for reincarnation. Perhaps it was bleed through from another time? Far out concept, I know. Do I belive in reincarnation?

Yes. Most definitly.

However, the feeling persists.

What does this mean?

Life is a journey, blah blah, but where do I fit in? Most times, I feel like an outsider, EVERYWHERE. Really. It's not nessecaraly a bad thing, it just is. What the fuck is going on here?? It's cool to be that detached and OBSERVE, but I need to connect.

My friend Priscilla is engaged. That is awsome, and I'm really happy for her. I was madly in love with her for a while. She was a strange spark of hope in my life when I was at my most nihilistic. Thank you Priscilla.

What makes me happiest right now is the possibility of anything better. Oooo, that sound horrible. ...What makes me happiest right now is THIS BLOG, my only vreative outlet at the moment. There is always 2005, which may be promising.

Kate is still pregnant and still with Mittens. I've decided things are going to work out just fine for her. We had a great conversation last weekend, I really want to be as supportive as possible. And, it KILLS me that I have yet to go visit her in Colorado. Devestates me, but, as Lou said, it was her decision to go out there, I'm not oblogated. I just feel guilty.

I need a way to blog all the time. The freshness, the freshness.

I think I like getting fucked up because it stops me from thinking so much. Sobriety is just as much a drug as drugs.

Amy Quick and Smokey used to have a nick name for me - "sad Dan". I have yet to shake the melencholy.

Best day of my life:_____________________________________
Best period of time in recent memory__________________________________________
Favorite Soda: Coke
Favorite MOvie: Really don't have the patience
Favorite Newspaper: None, although I don't hate them as much anymore, exept for the ny post and daily news.
Coffee: black, like my women. This great black girl was so into me at one point, but i was freaked out because she had a kid. once again, I think too much.

Favorite Television Show: The OC. Just kidding. My co-worker saw Kerri Russell and this other actor.

What's up with Google buying Keyhole? GOOGLE IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD, that;s what. Mapping all your data belong to us. JK, google is a kind company.

Fuck Sven and his company, I need to eject. that is so lame, forget it. I sound like a fourteen year old on live journal, writing must occur more often to ensure skills and more than these spastic outbursts, But they are fun!

sleeping now.


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