Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I ran over a rock with my car tonight. The rock came out of nowhere, didn't even look like a rock. I choose not to swerve left-car coming in the other lane. Why not swere right? No room on the shoulder i think. Bent the rim and puntured the tire. Out of the night this friendly stranger came to help. He offered to drive me to wal-mart to get a tire patch kit. He even ran back to his house to get a hammer to bang the rim back into shape. Real meaning of Christmas motherf**kers. You know. Not limping out of Target at 7 at night with an overflowing cart. Wheezing because the holidays are so stressful and you need to shop away the pain. This lawyer-young dude, seems like an asshole probably only cares about money. Volunteers at a soup kitchen. Domino. Fuck. Give it away, give it away now.

I have this weird cosmic synchronisity with a particular Hollywood video. I rent movies from it and strange things happen to me based around these movies.


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