Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The music that's going to play at the end of this world.

A kind of living, breathing poetry.
Rennesance living environments.
Leaves fall on your face.
Manic living cycles.
Winter is the element of water and the womb of new life.

whatever yo.

At Penn Station this morning, I was approached by this kid, probably a little younger than me who was asking for money. His story was that he needed a train ticket back to Philly, and he had been stranded in New York. I looked him over, and it seemed plausable enough. He carried a skateboard and was seemingly sincere with his plea. I decided, what the fuck, it could be me in that situation-and gave him twenty dollars. Handing him my business card, I told him to send me the cash when he could. Out of nowhere, a cop shows up and yells at the guy to get out of the train station. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE?" I'm like, dude, give me my money back-something is obviously up. So he does, and I walk away. I hear handcuffs being unshakled.

The kid tried to run for it.

Almost gets ten feet, and the cop tackles him. "DON'T RUN FROM ME AGAIN!" Out of nowhere five more cops and soldiers bum rush this guy as I get the fuck out. Dude.

There was a really strange thing in the air at about 9:30 this morning above Secaucus, New Jersey. At first it looked like a plane, no, a banner behind an airplane? Shaped like a huge square paper bag, not a hot air baloon. Very weird.

Last night I stayed up till 2 in the morning. I'm trying to get by on 4 hours of sleep. Almost instantly upon getting into bed I'm propelled into a hypnogogic lucid dreaming state. It was WILD. I had 80% control of the the dream. It was a mix of the sensations and weirdness of the sleep paralysis/obe experience and the drippingly real setting of a lucid dream.

The content was composed of three main themes. One, was this journey through a scarry bizzarre realm where I experienced "entities" of some sort that seemed like they were trying to scare me. The intent did not feel malicious though. More like a performance or ritual. Like the wizard of oz. I got behind the curtin I suppose.

Next, well...it was some sort or astral sex fest! I guess there are much worse ways to spend dream time! Dude. I'm just the driver man.

Lastly, I eneded up in some sort of house. There were three cats sleeping in filtered sunlight. Romaine lettuce leaves were displayed on a wall, to make raw fodd/vegan tacos with.? There was a women there who was telling me a whole lot of things. Important information it feels like.

Everybody was freak'in, people all over the world.



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