Thursday, November 25, 2004

This is a love story between you and me. There was a time before time, a long time ago, before we created this universe, when you and I were One, absolutely One. Beyond any words, beyond anything that we can say, anythoughts that we can think, we were One. We were God. Before any of this waveform universe was created or any of the dimensional levels of it were created - and it's vast, it's probably more vast than you know - all the stars that you look out into in the vastness of space and atoms going within at any particular point, that's nothing compared to What There Is. And yet, before any of this, you and I were in absolute unity. And we decided to create this universe, and we did it from a very and in a very specific way. We chose a specific shape which was not a shape then, which was a sphere. And from this sphere, everything that we know and even don't know came. There's no exceptions whatsoever. All life-forms, all bodies, all planetary forms and everything even beyond that, all came out of a simple, little round ball.


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