Sunday, January 23, 2005

Avenging Disco Godfathers

BethMcK1: word!!
mrdanomyte: unggggggggh na na na na
BethMcK1: now let's get it all in erspective
mrdanomyte: ****GUNSHOTS*****
mrdanomyte: ****BARKING*****
mrdanomyte: ****EXPLOSION****
BethMcK1: i dropped my 9 all i heard was shells...fallin
mrdanomyte: how was the ball?
BethMcK1: it was a little strange
mrdanomyte: i can only imagine
BethMcK1: no open bar...that was some bullshit
mrdanomyte: i would have rocked it "fear and loathing style"
BethMcK1: like 7 bucks a drink
mrdanomyte: wack like what
BethMcK1: hahahahahahaha
BethMcK1: i don't know i i could have handled that!

Beth and Greg


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