Tuesday, February 13, 2007


exhibit A

"Dan, your harder to get a hold of than the president!"

My man Rob from this other printer called the office, got put on hold for ten minutes, left messages on my cell phone and wrote an email begging me to call him back. Shit.

Inaccessibility is the new status symbol.

Do you know what most people I talk to want more than anything?


I find it endlessly comical that with all the life-enhancing inventions and technology we posses, time seems to be speeding up and drying up. As I watch the world (and maybe this is biased because of the uber speed New York City travels at) it amazes me that there isn't more awareness of the situation.

I'll get back to time, but in the meantime let's talk about suitcases.

The modern business robot is truly a talented creature. with one hand they can monitor a blackberry with concentration levels that rival a victim of OCD or an idiot savant. They are fucking focused! Now, at work I get probably 30-50 emils a day and on my four personal accounts somewhere in the hundreds. So many people are checking that shit like they are out of coke and it's 3am and waiting for the dealer to mail back.

I don't know.

Suitcases. Alright. There is a disturbing trend of business people carrying around these carry-on size SUITCASES. What the fuck are they hauling around? A desktop pc? A Filing cabinet? The internet in printed form? Some sort of vonage bag phone? Really, I would love to know. On top of said suitcase is usually a bursting at the seams laptop bag. Newspapers and coffee cups spilling everywhere.

Look up the inverse paradoxical effect (Ivan Illich I think.).

We need to seriously re-evaluate what the fuck we are all doing.

Kids and media.

Zombies walk amongst us everyday. I see kids tranced the fuck out on psp's and texting like monkeys everywhere all the time.

(note: I love technology and can trace out on media and the internet with the best of them...but we need balance.)

I think we all need a collective Bahamavention


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