Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Smoking Hot DJ ACTION!

Hot Mr. Danomyte DJ action schedule:

This Friday 11/1/07 "Bring The War Home" wrap party in Williamsburg (email for details)
Then... Saturday, It's THWEET! 2 years going buck in Big Willie Styles at the Royal Oak:

This Saturday is the first of the month and you know what that means....TIME TO GO TO BROOKLYN!
SCORPIOS ARE IN THE HOUSE! The SEXIEST sign of the zodiac is back, ready to attack, and they keeps it real! Make your sweet advanced party with us at the Royal Oak this Saturday night!
DJ Danomyte and Bugbear, will be projecting the finest soundwaves and visuals at your ears, eyes, heart, and tailfeathers with the hottest dancefloor-vibrating anthems for your sonic pleasure. Come out and get wild up on the tables and shake your thing. We start the shindig off right at midnight and rock the rock for you until four AM as your friendly bartenders serve up delicious frosty bebidas. Who here doesn’t like alcohol, especially when they serve it in those tiny lil adorably cute glasses! Do the SEXY thing with the SEXY stuff in OUR SEXY place!
594 Union at Richardson in Big Willie Styles, Brooklyn.


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