Monday, November 05, 2007

There is no inspiration.

They say that the real successes just show up and get to work. There is no inspiration. Well, maybe there is. I just read an excerpt from a Brian Eno diary he submitted to a music magazine. He said something about how ideas an inspiration come best out of the blue, when you are open, just doing something else. Well, ok. Maybe the idea is to have your work "area", your tools and skills honed and in the right place. Your system is running ship-shape, sleek smooth clockwork. so when you do "just show up" to get down to work, you WORK. Crank it out, craft alone without distractions. It's great to be "out there" open, getting the inspiration, soaking in, being receptive to the overflowing of the universe, and then coming back to the command station and DOING IT. Impulses are great to follow, but when an intention is clearly set, only connect with that goal. Like in meditation, take note, acknowledge and let it pass. But maybe thats whats next. Keep all that noise, inspiration, impulses handy and learn to recognize the difference between static and real answers of where to go. (wip)


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