Friday, March 21, 2008

Burn The Ships, & Have A Great Time!

Practice writing and keep writing and writing and writing.

We're always writing and dreaming and thinking our story into being. Whether we know it or not, concious or unconcious, always. What we think of becomes. What we are becomes. What we are is. We are. I am. Thou art god as Heinlan says in Stranger. Take that as a metaphor or literaly. Take it as you will.

There is never a reason to consider anything else than what you want, what will make you fell good. What does your impulses and intuition tell you? But what of a 'negative thought"? On ethat is not in the best interest of all concerened, or all indeed? What of harmful compulsions? That's a tough one. Tests? Knowing deep down the better path? A feeling in contrast to redirect you to look elsewhere?

New paragraph, new day, new beginning always. Saved draft automaticly. What would bring me the most pleasure at this moment in time?

The sun sure feels good. Wind whips and refreshes and clean and cold. Reformatting the disk.

Dreams are coming on strong, deep and refreshing. Heavy with knowledge it feels. I like the feeling of being self sufficient and responsible. Being in command, no directing the flow. Little speed bumps here and there cause me to reflect. Pretty damn good overall. Only maybe trying to take too much in instead of giving.

Listen to music, write, find interesting or stimulating things, clean up. Go.

Keep going. Push the feeling on.

Regular diary. Very busy lately. Conference and promotion and promotion and preparing and parties and logistics. Oh no, you don't say.. an issue has come up? Hmmm, press foreward. Make it so. Dream bigger and bigger. Write first, ask questions later.

I feel so much better and on point with my new haircut. A world of difference.

Keep thinking these days about this one time in my life. It was beyond great in most ways, but not perfect. The one part though.. never really felt that before. Perhaps once, or hints of the gleam other times. I need advice on what if anything to do regarding it. It will reveal itself.

where was I?

Happy for some time to myself. I like all the options that surround me, not that I can really partake though...

It's officially springtime in the Northern hemisphere. Equal light and dark if only for a moment. I felt the shift. The big light is pulsing forth again. Our attention is being drawn back. New life springing up.

Don't think, do. Or thinkdo, review.

Drink in all the goodness. It's always right here. Now.


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