Wednesday, March 25, 2009

STil life

Yesterday I was depressed. Slept 12 hours. Felt better, loving life. Lagging a little right now, listening to madd slowcore. Uh oh..

Anyhow. Life is pretty good, I feel new energies stirring below the surface, like seeds about to sprout.

Need new clothes, new everything but the patina of the passing time can be nice in the mix refreshed.

Still wondering what to do, trying to get from what it all means to what exactly to DO. Current stuff ok, but need more, better, deeper, meaningful. Need a new Renaissance of my my kinda like cira 200_-200_.

Hear birds singing outside my windows.

As usual, concurrent desires of hard work, organization and at the same time fuck it all-ness.

I'm really in to tangible things and domesticity right now. Cooking, farming, cleaning, laundry, walking, eating, making things, bringing it all IRL. Community sharing real real real.

Internet, heart u but h8 u.

Lots of work to do, but can't bring myself to do it.

I think I'm hungry.

Oh man: Unlearn "Still Life with Actress" is so good.


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