Thursday, October 30, 2008

Waltzing In the Wind Like a Feather

Hey there! I've been off in other corners of the internets, doing thangs. But of course, MDW is still my spiritual home. Cleaning out my todo.txt with interesting snippets and links - put here for posterity and enjoyment.

I'm going as Lenin for Halloween tomorrow. Need to remember to revist the pagan meanings behind the holiday.

I'm liking the cold weather. Probably because of my dope new coat.


in homage and much respect to J. Orlin Grabbe

Already there are signs that we may be turning the corner from pessimism to optimism. But to firmly restore our faith in the future requires credible results and powerful stories. For starters, science and technology must deliver on clean, cheap energy and more affordable, high-quality healthcare for all. Businesses must embrace authentic social responsibility. And the innovation and energy that we see in state and local governments must infuse the moribund Beltway. The 2008 elections are an opportunity for us to demand that the candidates articulate and commit to their visions with concrete proposals.

Likewise, if each of us vows to make one new contribution -- recycling, volunteering, funding a worthy cause -- the multiplier effect on our civilization will be profound.

The media can also play a catalytic role by showing imaginative, inspiring visions of where science and dreams can take us. And science fiction again can be used to inspire a new generation to discover, explore and innovate, individually and together. Imagination -- with a healthy dose of hope -- is the resource we most need to make the future great again.

Peter Schwartz is the chairman of a global consulting firm and chairman of the Sci Fi Channel's advisory board, which will soon release the report "Daring to Dream: Visions of Tomorrow."

"knowledge without
the use of same
still remains,
as in the beginning,

(Reading 3428-1)PU Cayce?

"Another interesting example of projection that you’ll regularly encounter is when people give out advice that suits a situation in their life better than one in yours. If you maintain awareness of this you’ll find that people teach you how to help them in how they try to help others. And of course, you do the same thing. Is there any advice you’ve given lately that you should act on?"


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