Thursday, October 28, 2010

While you’re out at flea markets trying on dead people’s clothes,

There is something here.

All Dudes Learned How to Dress and It Sucks

I can’t figure out how old anyone is. I can’t figure out how gay anyone is. On silent subway morning commutes there are no tells. The brogues, desert boots and quickstrike high-tops not only have me manic-fantasy-banging every well-dressed dude on the F BECAUSE IT IS ALL SO GODDAMN GOOD but the fact that so many are suddenly well shod plus the prevalence of hard-bottoms straight CRIPPLES my ability to tell how rich anyone is. And that is fucking my game up major. Aaaaaaaaaand everyone’s watch is now the old timey Timex from J.Crew for $150 so yeah, 360 IDK. Plus, also, seriously, there must have been some clandestine colloquium workshop situation where all the dudes in all the land shucked to skivvies and got sized for their perfect pair of Uniqlo jeans and nobody said “no homo,” not even one time, because, Hi, y’all all look fantastic FUCK YOU.

Where the fuck am I?

You can’t see me.

That’s right.

Fort made of Filsons.

I’m buried under here.

With your girl.

Told her she “might as well have the best” ™

She agreed.

While you’re out at flea markets trying on dead people’s clothes,

I’m in my fort playing make-believe.

Make believing I’m not on that next level Cookie Crisp.

Fuck Yeah Menswear


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