Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Am I Still Drunk?

Joi Ito style, I'm gonna quit drinking. Maybe today, maybe for the new year, I'm gonna quit. I love it..maybe too much. It's fun, but always ends in some wacky-bad fashion.. As I sit writing this my head still reels like I'm drunk, or half asleep. God. What bullshit. Last night at my friend's John and Katie's Christmas party, I got drunk. Porno Steve didn't get drunk. I did. Lots of vodka and cranberries and southern comfort. AAAAAAARRRRRHH!!!!!! Lots of stupid-drunk talking. Social lubricant. As I left, I hugged Katie's sister, and fell on the floor, with both of us in tow. God damn it, good thig I didn't kill us both! Your a smooth one, Mr. Danomyte. No, just kidding.. Your a drunk bastard, you fuck. God. I have to go work in an hour. World, please end now. It would make my head feel nice.


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