Thursday, November 18, 2004

How to draw animals.

My lunch with the vice president got bump3ed to tommorrow. I suppose the extra McGriddles can wait one more day. The night manager said I would be "Real Happy" with the content of the luncheon. Damn right, I better be happy. Mr. Danomyte here, has been working his ass off for mere pennies over the last six months. I'm learning to say no, be more of an asshole and be fucking thourough. All good , just add at least 10k to my salary and we cool.

The feeling of being burnt out and bored/boreing is lifting. It's like some permanant fog that's been hanging around me for the past eight months or so. My whole old world and game are collapsing around me, and the only stability is this fast paced monochaotic working lifestyle. All the former substance that made up me is being put out for recycling.. so what remains, and what is being made new?

Perspective and where you stand color things sooo much.

I wish I had a sack of coccaine the size of one of those jumbo dog food bags. It would really be the "pick me up" I need right now. Or not.

Banality interests me and kind of lights my fire because it's so damn dream like. Or, is that a sign my dreams are pale and weak? Is it the possibility for rebellion and creativity that bursts out of that void? White canvas, blank piece of paper, indigo night? Monochaoticwhitenoise does not leave alot of time for imagination.

Imagination was prized above all else. The kings rewarded that one jester because of what he said.

I want days that are years not hours that are seconds.

I was reading an old blog post of mine:

"Sometimes it feels like I've died and I am on the world's longest trip to heaven. The people are confused like the newly dead."


Your enigma shatters.


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