Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Experiment With T4HWW

So, I've decided this week to REALLY start applying the ideas from The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. I reaed this book when it first came out, kinda thought "oh, that's awsome" and proceeded to not implement the techniques described within.

Without knowing it, I had actually started two months ago. I quit my horrible, soul-sucking job and went out on my own. Since then I've traveled to Florida, worked on and acted in a movie, djed more frequently then I ever have, got a sweet job that I can do whenever I want (it's about 9 hours a week, not four - but I'm getting there).

One of the practices I began yesterday was a media fast, or "selective ignorance" as Tim calls it. Now, I THOUGHT I was already doing this. I don't read newspapers and only rarely skim magazines and I never watch the news. Fuck that crap. The thing was, is that in the name of my omni-curiosity and my "trend spotting" hobby/future occupation I was consuming huge amounts of data and information on the web. I wanted to know and keep up with everything! One point he makes in the book is to ask yourself "am I going to use this information, now?" If not, it can wait. I guess it amounts to mental masturbation to saturate your brain with all this delicious input with no real purpose. So far (even though I started to read unimportant websites)I feel much more clear headed and focused. A surplus of energy feels like it's taken form in my body and mind. My mind feels hella sharp.

Dreamlining is Tim Ferris's version of goal setting. Rule number one is that the dreams should be big and unreasonable. You then break down action steps and time frames to complete these grand plans. I did this for myself, and seeing consecutive steps forms a path in my mind and makes my dreams seem much more possible. It was kind of hard to put them on paper. Either I was thinking "this isn't possible/worth it/doesn't count/can't think of anything or I don't know...I'll be putting this in motion today and let you know how it progresses.

I've also been streamling and simplifying my entire lifestyle. In the begining it had to do with saving money but I can see how having a minimalist life will aid in flexability and options.

I started making my own food, canceled my gym membership and workout at home, stopped going out, cut back drinking, doing laundry for free, giving away or selling all my stuff that I don't love or use.

Next is to focus on creating my "muse" or "hands free" business that will generate income automaticly. Info product production is what I'm aiming for.

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