Monday, March 31, 2008

Major wtf time

Time runs left to right in this Feynman diagram of electron-positron annihilation. When interpreted to include retro causality, the electron was not destroyed, instead becoming the positron and moving backward in time.

retroactive causation is so in full effect.

Crazy dream, another cool house/cool apartment dream that turned into the dopest movie ever, almost. Living with Greg H I think, new things keep popping up, blown out 60's/70's style but a touch opulent and gaudy. From a small tiny apt it grows bigger and bigger. Bar in my room for parties, main room has 50 ft ish ceilings, souljah boy lives there? Then some crazy robot war breaks out with smooth 60's secret agent types. wtf? Small doors for elves or midgets that lived there too? House is on a corner.

So about that retroactive stuff. I think of the one thing and how it's not that other one. This leads me to think about the later, increasing it's vividity in my mind. Go to that class, think about clearing old notebooks and crap. The obvious one that everyone asks about is there too. Letters, etc. (Why did the computer just freeze?)The woman teaching the class talks about bound up emotion that can get released in that process. I'm thinking, maybe yeah..but prolly not that intense. The event from the future is already making it's way back to me in the past. So, is what I felt "real" or is it some physical manifestation of that clearing process? The act of throwing away in the future pre-empting? Or is it an uncovering of something. I only have questions. One horoscope did confirm and make me think.


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