Monday, July 07, 2008

heaven's in the back seat of my cadillac...

sweet jesus. astro barry once again hits a home fucking run:

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Snip and snark all you want, but you'll be nitpicking your way through a losing battle. Why? Because, especially if you're dealing with a family member or somebody you live with, this whole dynamic is much much larger than the specifics of this episode or the isolated details that, by themselves, would tell a highly edited version of the story. And what's worse, it won't be 'over and done' by any stretch of your imagination, even if you were to score an apparent win on the conversational (that is, argumentative) front. After all, you will continue to have a relationship with them next week and the week after… and the deeper issues that weren't resolved (perhaps because they just let you get your way since it was easier than yelling and screaming) will follow you into the future. That's why going for the immediate victory might ultimately prove to backfire on you, Gemini. No matter where you actually stand in relation to them (and whether what's bugging you about them isn't merely a smokescreen for what's really got you worked up), it's probably better to nip such intimate disputes in the bud by talking less and listening more. Taking the extra effort to demonstrate your respect for their concerns will certainly ease the short-term tensions. Please note, though: I am not dismissing your gripes as illegitimate, nor favoring your housemate or family member over you in this showdown. I'm merely pointing out your surest path to a productive week: you behaving well on the homefront. And if they pull a power trip on you, let 'em have it—for now.

anyone reading this that's aware of my current plight will lmao over how accurate.

its clearly time for a change.

...let me take you there


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