Monday, August 25, 2008

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Everyone loves to complain about the accelerated pace of modern life. Remember the good old days, they say, when life was leisurely, commerce was more genteel, and everyone watched the same television and read the same newspaper?

Lest we get too nostalgic, keep in mind the upside of a sped-up world:

President Bush put steel tariffs in place in March 2002. Less than two years later, in December 2003, he rescinded them. This is something most politicians don't do. But because the tariffs caused such a sharp rise in the price of steel, small and mid-size businesses complained loudly. The unintended consequences became visible to most American's very quickly.

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Randomly surfing news channels yesterday, I saw an economic analyst from a leading investment bank talk about his thoughts on surging oil prices.

Like a detective he pulled apart pieces of the story. He believed US demand for oil is in decline because people are cutting back on car usage. His theory for the continued rise in prices of crude was demand from China who he believed were stock piling supplies ahead of the Olympics, a process that would soon be over which would lead to a reduction in the price of crude.

His advice to those looking for more direction on this; try and monitor oil tanker movements in Asia.

It isn't Account Planning or detective work, but it's close.

Looking at numerous inputs and trying to work out the "Big Why?" is just the same.

If you are interested in tanker movements because you want to play the oil futures market, or are just care about when the price of your daily commute is going to come down, there's a specialist who provides this data, for a fee.


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