Thursday, July 10, 2008

Further Justification Of My Lifestyle

Studies Show Kids May Not Be 'Bundles of Joy'

Marriage, the philosophical bachelor holds, will not only deprive one of his liberty, lighten his wallet and suck the romance from life, but it will prove an exacting hindrance, as lifelong bachelor Robert Burton noted in his Anatomy of Melancholy (1621):

“In sober sadness, marriage is a bondage, a thraldom, a hindrance to all good enterprises. 'He hath married a wife, and therefore cannot come’; a rock on which many are saved, many are cast away. Not that the thing is evil in itself, or troublesome, but full of happiness and a thing which pleases God; but to indiscreet, sensual persons, it is a feral plague, many times an hell itself…. Since, then, there is such hazard in the married state, keep thyself as thou art; ‘tis good to match, much better to be free. Consider withal how free, how happy, how secure, how heavenly, in respect, a single man is.”



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