Tuesday, October 11, 2005

From my recent post on Myspace or "Returning to the Ordinary World"

"Moving, Dredging the art out from deep deep down in my soul where it's buried, Lexx mystery mix, Burritos, A new computer, Escape velocity, Learming how to relax, Travel, Throwing old things away, Potential futures, Mike Speranza's haloween party and how it's been a synchonicity engine/magnet in my life which I now just realized, Saying what I mean, Holding on to the tiny life preserver saving me from depression right now-what that life preserver is made out of-god only knows, Grocery shopping, Not blowing all my money on eating out, Fiona Apple's new album is amazing, Cellos in songs, Wind, I watched scarface the other day-and-god-it's really a bit cheesey-but I like Tony's attitude-and all that coke looks really good right now, Not thinking so damn much, Planning, ...

"Returning to the Ordinary World"

A monk asked Kegon, "How does an enligthtened one return to the ordinary world?" Kegon replied, "A broken mirror never reflects again; fallen flowers never go back to the old branches."