Thursday, August 26, 2010

united we stand

Drinking a beer and doing some relaxing blogging before bed. This is the shit.

So, where are we, and where have we been?

Lots has happened, lots has not happened.

New chapters are creaking open, pages are turning -- the plot, not so sure anymore.

Stability and always in flux, pretty much the same thing. Going with the flow, and I don't know. Where did all this come from? What was the inspiration, the genesis? What was so important...

Old sheets, netflix for linens, spellcheck is behind the times. New old, blackout the rest.

Maybe I need to get in touch with the Bukowski freefallingmoments where I was. Shake and destabilize the system. Innocent and harmless but a meditation on what is real.

Remember to get paid and put things away.

Always this feeling of things to do and not enough time, and a ball of stress, stuff and tangled clairity. Real not real, everything right now.

Should have bought two.