Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So, I almost died the other day.

frogs don't drink
strawberries are the only plant that have seeds on the outside

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm Blogging From John's Pool

This is freakin crazy. Gettin the sweet signaldown by the pool in beautiful Cornwall....astounding sun drenched suburbancountry slowmotion dreamtime.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Random Acts of Pottery

madd love bring ing i on

i stumble upon and up on

your face haunts me like the ghost i can never be

dub dub dub dub

increase your drag co-efficient

auto catalytic

google jocky

omni-bf/mcluhan type stuff

ambient findability

"After years of hard work, I've achieved the perfect life. The million dollar home, wife, kids, car"
The Puerto Rican day parade fireworks last night sounded like Manhattan was being carpet bombed.

Me: "How's it going?" Other Person:"Same old shit" Me (inside my head):"Fuck off"

Mood: languor What I'm Listening To: The birds

I'm in love with the wind. Shadows, light dark oceans of moments. In the out of time. Blow away.

I've said this same thing a million times before

I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if I had made alternate choices at certain critical crossroads. Time and experience moves on and things change but some patterns continue to repeat until you GET IT, get the lesson and TRULY evolve to another level. Unless that happens, real progress is an illusion.